Sunday, 12 June 2016


Besides the Golden Temple and Amritsari Kulcha, the Mecca of Sikhs has a number of indigenous items that make shopping a fun and unforgettable experience. Distinguished by their bustling narrow lanes, one can find the best and authentic artefacts and pieces of allure in their truest form. Here are few things you must carry back home from Amritsar as a souvenir.

Wadi – Amritsari Papad

Of the many things that Amritsar is famous for, food of this idyllic city is something you cannot resist. While most items are on-the-spot eateries, one way to take the authentic flavour home is the renowned Papad. A great munching snack with food and drinks, Papads are available in large quantities and spice levels. Wadiyan are sun dried nuggets made of spices and pulses. Pickles of Amritsar are yet another food item you can carry home and savour the taste for months to come.


Phulkari is a majestic embroidery featuring flowers of different colours. These are exclusively available in the state of Punjab only and have been an integral part of its age-old culture. Suits, saris, jackets and shawls, you can find phulkari done on a plethora of garments. These are trendy yet traditional and make any piece of cloth look beautiful and vibrant. The best thing about phulkari is that they never go out of fashion.

Amritsari Jutti

Jutti are often associated with Rajasthan – The Rajasthani Juttis, but Amritsari Juttis are equally famous. The traditional footwear is an essential part of the Punjabi attire and reflects the swag of the Sikh community. This is exactly the reason why it’s a must buy item. Available in leather and all sorts of colourful designs and patterns, these can be teamed up with suits and even jeans. Both men and women can find a huge variety of Juttis for themselves here in Amritsar.

Golden Temple Souvenirs

Visiting this holy place will surely make you take back a souvenir from this majestic religious site. Guru Granth Sahib and its various versions are available here for you to take back home. Each of these beautifully display the teachings and beliefs of the Sikhs and are available in many different languages. Khanda, kada, photos, paintings and holy bandanas are some other things you can buy as souvenirs.

Your trip is surely incomplete if you don’t bring back these souvenirs mentioned above. You can either visit the local market and buy these allures or simply visit the city centre in Amritsar that houses each and every piece of these items listed above.

Happy Shopping Folks!